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December 2021

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Update 10th December 2021:

We did it!

We are so excited to share that we have well and truly reached our goal of planting 100,000 trees before Christmas this year! This is thanks to the overwhelmingly positive response from thousands of TikTok users who followed us to help us plant the ~2000 trees we committed, and How We Roll Co who committed to help us plant an additional 5000 trees on top of our goal when we surpassed it!

We’re now officially returning to ‘business as usual’, planting 5 trees for every tonne of CO2 offset by our individual trace subscribers, and climate positive business customers.

You can still plant trees

To respond to the huge interest from our community to plant trees and support reforestation, we’re also offering the option for you to plant more trees in a matter of seconds here. Just tell us how many you want to plant, fill in your details and you’re done! We’ve even made Canva social media templates you can download to share the message, or even name your tree (some ideas to get you going…Forest Gump, Justin Timber-lake, Queen LaTreefa, Bruce Tree, Joe Root, Gnarls Barkley…). You can check out the templates (via Canva) here. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Original article, 7 December 2021:

We want your help to get us to 100,000 trees planted by Christmas. Read on to find out why we love planting trees and how you can get involved by simply following us on TikTok!

Trace was created to remove the barriers to climate action, assisting individuals and businesses to measure and reduce their carbon footprint and offset the emissions they can’t avoid with the ultimate goal of becoming climate positive. 

For every tonne of CO2 we offset for an individual or business, we plant 5 trees because trees are extremely efficient at carbon sequestration and are one of the most effective tools in the fight against climate change.

Because every tree is different, it's difficult to accurately predict how much CO2 they remove each year and therefore we can't guarantee how much carbon they offset. So, we plant trees on top of our portfolio of certified carbon credits to offset our community’s emission.

We’ve planted just under 98,000 trees so far thanks to the support of our amazing community and as we are drawing nearer to Christmas one of our end of year goals is to reach 100,000 trees!

‘Post a pic of your pet to plant a tree’

Last month, this trend went viral on Instagram, but it does't appear any trees were planted.

If you’re a frequent Instagram user, you’re likely aware of the ‘post a picture of your pet to plant a tree’ trend using Instagram’s ‘Add Yours’ story feature last month. This gained a large amount of traction, and the original creator of the trend “Plant a Tree Co” tried to delete it when realising they wouldn’t have the resources to plant that many trees. Although we reached out to them to see if any trees were being planted, we unfortunately never heard back.

We were, however, so excited to see the amount of attention this trend received and how many people wanted to plant trees, so we were inspired to create our own tree planting campaign with a simple way that users could get involved and know trees were actually being planted. So “1 trace TikTok follow = 1 tree planted” was born!

So what can you do?

All we are asking for is for individuals or businesses to follow our TikTok account, and each new follow will equal 1 tree planted, until we reach our 100,000 tree goal. We’d love it if our videos were shared with others and duetted on TikTok to get more people involved.

We are so close to reaching 100,000 trees by Christmas, so if about 2000 people follow our TikTok we will have reached this tree planting goal.

If you’ve arrived at this post from our TikTok, head back over there and make sure you’ve followed us! If you've arrived at this blog post another way, head on over to our TikTok, check out our videos and follow us too!

Why trees for follows?
As a brand that helps individuals and businesses make a difference in their own carbon footprint, we want to continue to bring awareness to important topics like climate change, deforestation, and carbon emissions through our online platforms.

We’ve recently begun expanding onto the platform TikTok with the help of our digital marketing intern in order to spread awareness for these issues, our services, and tips about living a more climate conscious life.

We’d love to continue growing and developing on this platform which is why we decided to start this campaign.

Why are trees important?

In the fight against climate change, we need to both reduce the amount of CO2 we’re producing, as well as remove the large amounts of CO2 that are already in the atmosphere (and continue to be released on a daily basis). Trees remove CO2 from the atmosphere naturally in a process called ‘carbon sequestration. Trees convert the (CO2) into plant matter, holding this material for the life of the tree and beyond. 

122,000 sq kms of tree cover was lost in the tropics in 2020. Of this amount, 42,000 sq kms, which is equivalent to the size of the Netherlands, occurred within humid tropical primary forests which are especially important for biodiversity and carbon storage. The carbon emissions from this primary forest loss has caused CO2 emissions equivalent to 570 million cars, more than double the number of cars on the road in the US!

We work with Eden Reforestation Projects, one of the most reputable tree-planting organisations in the world, to plant trees for our community. Check out the video below to learn more about how they take every seedling they plant and turn it into a beautiful, life-giving tree!

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