Sitting down to talk with Henri Turra, the managing director of Radish food, you can see that being carbon neutral and caring about the sustainability of our planet and community is not a tick the box exercise.  Henri and his team at Radish are pushing the boundaries and embedding sustainability into everything that they do.  

About Radish

Radish specialises in ethical event catering. They specialise in delivering lip-smacking food to weddings, private parties and corporate events. Also, alongside our like-minded industry partners, we can provide bar & drinks, staffing, floristry, event planning, styling, party hire and more. Their mission is that they do business without it costing the Earth or our communities.

Why is Radish committed to being a carbon neutral business (for three years in a row!)? 

Our business does not exist in a vacuum - it’s part of a community and a planet, and so we believe we are responsible for the impact we have on both. Being carbon neutral with Trace means we counterbalance a part of our impact, and we are committed to continue reducing our footprint at the source wherever possible. 

What sustainability initiatives have you implemented / are you working on? 

One of the most important and relevant initiatives in our industry is a zero waste mindset, both for food and packaging waste. We operate with a circular menu, in which one offcut / byproduct of an ingredient will be upcycled or transformed into a component for another dish. For example, we turn certain veggie scraps into a veg powder that is then used as a tasty dust to finish off a tapioca crisp. Or the meat from the heads, frames and tails of our fish will be roasted off and picked, to become part of a delicious croquette served with our fermented chilli oil. We also prioritise reusable serveware, and opt for compostable alternatives if we must use a disposable item. We make sure to provide compost bins onsite, to ensure the items actually make it to a composting facility at the end of their life. 

What is your team’s and customer’s reaction to Radish’s approach to sustainability? 

The team is fully onboard, and this is essential to the success of this mission. Radish’s customers are becoming more and more aware of the issues we are trying to tackle, which is very inspiring. However, there is still a lot of work to be done with customer education and how they can run more sustainable events.

Want to start your journey to net zero?

Join our community of climate-conscious business leaders and take responsibility for your carbon footprint with trace today.

What have you learnt working with Trace?

I have learnt that carbon offset projects are not just about replanting trees, it also involves projects that support local communities and protect biodiversity. I have also learnt that, whilst offsetting our carbon is a positive measure, we also need to keep tackling our carbon emissions at the source. 

What is your advice to other business owners who are at the start of their sustainability journey?

Don’t overthink it, just start. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the size of the problem and the many challenges that appear with execution. The important thing is to keep making progress, even if at a slower pace. 

"We all have a role in making sure we are headed to a sustainable future. As businesses, it’s our responsibility to provide creative, easy and affordable solutions to our customers which take into account their impact on our planet. As customers, we can vote with our dollars, and make sure we support products / services that reflect our values."

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