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Trace enables businesses to calculate their carbon emissions, define a decarbonisation plan, build a culture of sustainability and report on their progress


Easily collect and integrate your business’s data

Streamline your emissions data collection with our accounting platform integrations, bulk data upload and AI driven emissions category mapping. With Trace you can upload your data in hours, not weeks, all without compromising on data accuracy and quality.


Identify and understand your emissions hotspots

Measure your footprint aligned to the GHG protocol, and understand your Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions. Trace helps you identify hotspots in your business operations and compare the footprint of each supplier to get a full picture of your carbon footprint.


Build a culture of sustainability

Make your employees part of the journey to Net Zero with our proprietary carbon footprint quiz. Trace enables a more accurate Scope 3 footprint with real WFH & commuting data, while educating your staff about their individual footprint and the role they can play in reducing emissions.


Comply with regulatory and stakeholder reporting

Trace is built to comply with global reporting standards, giving you the confidence to meet regulatory requirements. We also provide tools, templates and badges to empower you to communicate your progress towards Net Zero to your most important stakeholders - your board, investors, customers and employees.


Define your decarbonisation strategy

Trace harnesses your footprint data to automatically identify and prioritise emissions reduction opportunities for your business. Select and prioritise initiatives with the greatest potential to help you hit your targets, and track your emissions over time.


Authentically and credibly share your progress to Net Zero

Trace provides a suite of tools to enable you to communicate your progress to Net Zero to your most important stakeholders - customers, suppliers, investors and employees. This includes customisable reports, Trace verified badges and customised marketing material.

Our Expertise

Our team of Sustainability Experts is available to help you at each step on your Net Zero journey.

Carbon Emissions Reporting

Prepare Carbon Reports for your board, customers and supply chain partners.

Decarbonisation Strategy Planning

Develop a decarbonisation strategy tailored to your business’s sustainability targets.

Employee Education

Upskill your team through workshops, presentations and strategy sessions.

Supplier Engagement

Engage your suppliers to reduce their emissions and set targets, to help you reduce your Scope 3 emissions.

Data Mapping Services

Support to help with your data transformation, mapping and validation.

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