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Offset 0.5 footprints* & 5 trees

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*1 Australian footprint = 21 metric tonnes of CO2. That’s the equivalent of 150 short haul** or 14 long haul flights per year! Data based International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) carbon calculator

**Short haul = Sydney to Melbourne economy return, Long haul = Sydney to Dubai economy return

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Tonnes of CO2


Long haul flights offset
Sydney to Dubai return


Trace for business

Employees are increasingly asking employers what they are doing to protect the planet.
We would love to help you be impactful as a business or on behalf of your employees.

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Ad hoc offsets

Just been on a long flight? Hosted a big party? Don’t fret we can help you offset the emissions from one off activities or events. We've done the maths for you and created three different sizes of one off offsets. If you can’t see something appropriate contact us for a bespoke offset.

Inside flight

A long haul flight $25

Sydney to Dubai return (1.5 tonnes CO2)

Plane window

A short haul flight $2.50

Sydney to Melbourne return (0.14 tonnes CO2)

Wedding party

A big party $255

For a big party of over 100 guests (approximately 15 tonnes CO2)

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