Making your carbon neutral status LinkedIn official with “Commitments”

April 2023

What do the experts think...

LinkedIn’s newly launched feature, “Commiments”, is a powerful tool designed to showcase your company’s dedication to various ESG practices - including your commitment to net zero! With the new feature, companies can add a section to their LinkedIn page called "Our featured commitments" to define their talent brand and values, making it easier than ever to amplify your enthusiasm towards climate action. 

Why are Company Commitments Important to Communicate? 

A company's values drive an increased sense of credibility and authenticity for its social media audience. Whether it's existing or potential customers, employees, or prospective talent, your commitments make your company culture tangible, demonstrating to your audience that you take social and environmental issues seriously.

The Commitments function has also been integrated into their job search, reflecting the increasing role that ESG action plays in people’s career movements. This new feature can be used to stand out from the crowd when it comes to recruiting top talent for your business. 

Where Can I See Company Commitments? 

A company’s Commitments are now prominently displayed in the ‘About’ section of their LinkedIn page. Up to 5 values can be displayed, including diversity, equity, and inclusion, career growth and learning, work-life balance, social impact, and environmental sustainability.

Start your net zero journey today

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How Can I Add My Trace Membership to my Page?

Getting started with company commitments on LinkedIn is super easy. Once you're a member of the Trace community, it's a simple process to add commitments to your company page. If you need support in promoting your company commitments on LinkedIn or are keen to get your Trace membership to make your climate action visible, book a call with their team today.

Step One: Edit your page from the super admin view

Step Two: Add environmental sustainability as a featured commitment

Step Three: Link to your trace impact page

Step Four: Add your trace badge

…and you’re done!

LinkedIn's new "Commitments" feature is a valuable tool for companies looking to communicate their values and commitments to net zero. By showcasing your commitment to social and environmental issues, you can create a company culture that is both credible and authentic, and demonstrates that you take these issues seriously.

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