The power of carbon neutral agencies

February 2023

What do the experts think...

Agencies are influencers - to their clients, consumers and culture. Climate change is the most pressing issue of our time and agencies have an incredible opportunity to lead by example. The time is now.

Pressure on agencies to demonstrate steps to net zero is accelerating. From Ad Net Zero’s advocacy for reduced advertising emissions through to localised client demands for reporting - agencies need a partner to plan for their transition. Trace is the preferred net zero partner for many agencies here in the Uk, Australia and New Zealand, and our community is growing.

We know that net zero can often feel like an elusive goal but it’s all about making steps in the right direction. With Trace, you can start mapping and hiking that trail (without weeks of hardcore training!). First, it’s essential to measure the impact of your organisation's operations. With our tech-enabled data collection and interactive carbon footprint assessment - you can measure and manage your footprint in less than two weeks.

“Trace were fantastic to work with… seamless and uncomplicated…. the process from the start to becoming certified [was delivered] in a matter of 2 weeks.” Paul Rhodes - CEO, Dig Agency

Start your net zero journey today

trace can help your business take the first step on the sustainability journey. We make measuring, managing & reducing your emissions straightforward & engaging

Once you have measured and analysed your business’s emissions, Trace makes it easy for you to create a credible plan to reduce them. This is one of the most important steps when it comes to reaching net zero - ongoing management and reduction. So how does it work in practice? When you’re viewing your footprint on the Trace platform, you can identify emissions that can be reduced. This is likely to involve things like switching to renewable energy, choosing carbon neutral suppliers and preparing a sustainable travel policy. You can also work with Trace to decarbonise your supply chain by engaging your suppliers and encouraging them to join your net zero team. 

Trace make is easy for you to visualise and analyse your footprint

We then move past base camp, and validate your carbon neutral status by turning your invisible footprint into tangible impact. Trace manages the purchase of carbon credits that provide essential funding for climate projects around the world - reducing CO2 emissions and creating multiple co-benefits aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We’re preaching to the choir when we say that storytelling is the key to reaping the full benefits of this leg of the hike. That’s why we provide you with assets, content and data to be able to celebrate this milestone on the way to net zero. 

Having worked with multinational ad houses, boutique PR firms, media agencies and industry bodies - we know that your people are at the heart of what you do. That’s why we believe employees are critical to achieving net zero. 

“...Our staff each completed a 2-minute survey to account for their own home energy use, considering our hybrid flexible working. Management then made the decision to offset by supporting important certified climate projects and celebrating this step towards net zero with our team was a great way to kick off 2023.” Jacquie Alley - COO, Media Store

Did you know that two-thirds of employees want their employers to take action on social and environmental issues? With Trace, you can ensure that your top talent feels heard and your recruitment drives are a resounding success. Our employee engagement tools are designed to bring the E in your ESG strategy to life. Together, we can activate your team in a way that influences behavioural change and client interactions. 

Let today be the last time that you put “sustainability” on the to do list. Book a call with our team and make your net zero plans a reality.

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