Making technology sustainable

Did you know that your climate action impacts the carbon footprint of every single one of your customers? Whether you’re an early stage startup or an established powerhouse - we’ve built an easy-to-use platform that tech companies can leverage for a credible net zero plan. With increased pressure from investors, employees and customers alike - today’s the day to start leaving a positive trace.

Why taking climate action is important for businesses in technology

More than 60% of your employees want you to take action

With a younger, more diverse and values-led workforce, the tech industry needs to take climate action to acquire and retain top talent.

Technology makes up almost 10% of all GHG emissions

Taking the leap to decarbonise your operations will have a direct impact on a high-emissions industry, with critical flow-on effects to all your customers.

Green business is better business

Implementing sustainable business practices can lead to significant cost savings for you and your clients.

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Powering your journey to Net Zero

✔️ Automated emissions measurement with Xero

✔️ Visualise and analyse your Scope 3 emissions

✔️ Data-driven reduction plans

✔️ Communicate your impact with multi-channel marketing tools

Going Net Zero is a team sport

Did you know that, on average, 25% of a business' carbon emissions are from their employees alone? Here at Trace, we believe that meaningful change can only take place with the engagement of your staff. Importantly, the data continues to show that this is exactly what staff are seeking from their employers in return. Becoming carbon neutral is a way to elevate employer brand, acquire the best talent and retain your high performers.

Employee Engagement: Trace's most popular module

Measuring and managing emissions is our bread and butter, but our software's most popular function is Employee Engagement. Gamifying sustainability in the workplace, we also use employee sentiment and behaviour to drive data accuracy and tailored reduction plans.

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Why Trace

Trace’s simple platform and supportive team empowers businesses to start their journey to net zero today and engage that staff.


Our platform is designed for SMEs with lots on their plates - we're easy to use and easy to work with


We help you trace and share your impact internally and externally across multiple channels.


We cut through the noise and help you and your employees become sustainability gurus


We measure your emissions using global standardsnd source high integrity projects to offset
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