Making Net Zero everyone's reality

With trace, your business can take climate action today. Our engaging software and expert team will demystify the process of measuring, reducing and setting targets to manage your carbon footprint. Plus, we are the only solution that helps you bring your team, customers and community along for the journey.

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Everything you need to leave a positive trace

Plans for USA & Canada

Plans for Europe

Measure & manage

Engage your team

Reduce your emissions

Offset the rest

Share your impact

We visualise the breakdown of your carbon footprint so you can spot opportunities for reduction.

We’ll guide you on how to reduce your emissions with bespoke tips. Tick them off and engage your staff in the process
See the real impact of your carbon credits in more than just numbers. Read & share stories from the projects you are funding.
Tell the story of your positive action with our ready-made content and marketing assets.
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Upcoming events

How to become a carbon neutral business - 45 online minute workshop

Wed 4th April 2023, 12:30 pm - 1:15 pm AEDT

How it works

The hardest part of becoming carbon neutral is done - you found us. The trace platform will guide you through the process so you don't need to be an expert.
Measure your carbon footprint and become carbon neutral within one week.

Data collection

Tell us about your business including staff, energy, waste, travel & supply chain

Employee Survey

Engage staff in the data collection process to build your footprint

Carbon report

We prepare your CO2 assessment and provide a quote to offset and become carbon neutral or carbon positive

You're carbon neutral

Offset your emissions with the trace project portfolio of certified credits


Gain access to the trace platform, public impact page, reporting and educational content & reduction checklist

Bring your team on the journey

At least 60% percent of workers want their employers to take action on social and environmental issues*, and a journey to net-zero should be more than a box-ticking exercise, so engaging your staff is key.

trace makes it easy to engage your team and educate them about their own carbon footprint, while creating a better understanding of your organisational footprint. Start building a movement of climate positive action in your team today!
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Larger organisation looking for an engagement only solution?

Engagement for corporates
*Return on Action Report 2021, Atlassian
" Trace is a business that has been built around a brilliant purpose. It was an easy process, they provided all of the information we required and they're fantastic to work with. Highly recommended."
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5 star rated review
Anna Denby - Wisr
June, 2021

Share your positive impact

Positive impact should be celebrated! We provide the tools to help you share your climate positive journey and inspire others to follow your lead.

Sharing a compelling story about your climate positive journey creates a ripple effect of positive action.

Compensate for your emissions

When you are ready you can compensate for your remaining emissions through our portfolio of carbon credits. This provides essential funding for climate projects around the world, reducing CO2 emissions and creating multiple co-benefits aligned with the UN SDGs. We help you visualise and understand your impact in the form of data, stories and images.
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Why Trace

Trace’s simple platform and supportive team empowers businesses to start their journey to net zero today and engage that staff.


Our platform is designed for SMEs with lots on their plates - we're easy to use and easy to work with


We help you trace and share your impact internally and externally across multiple channels.


We cut through the noise and help you and your employees become sustainability gurus


We measure your emissions using global standardsnd source high integrity projects to offset

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You’ve made it this far – starting is easy

Join our community of climate-conscious business leaders and take responsibility for your carbon footprint with trace today.