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At trace we are all about helping individuals take climate action. By partnering with us, we'll make it easy and rewarding for your employees and customers reduce and/or offset their carbon footprint and help you spread the word about your positive impact.

Together we can leave a positive trace.

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Our services

Take your staff on the journey to net zero

trace believes that companies that strive to protect the environment and clearly demonstrate this purpose to their employees will outperform those that don’t. But it’s not easy.

🌧️ Committed to net zero emissions but struggling to engage your staff

🌧️ Unsure how to measure the footprint of your staff working at home?

🌧️ Looking for a staff perk that demonstrates your commitment to the planet?

At trace we’d love to help!

Our Employee Engagement toolkit is for businesses looking to include their staff in the sustainability conversation

☀️ Run a customised employee engagement campaign 

☀️ Inspire staff to reduce and offset their footprint

☀️ Create a carbon neutral workforce

☀️ Share your impact internally and externally 

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“We need to protect our most valued asset - our planet. Without it we have nothing. trace provided an easy and effective way to do that.”

Scott, Wediscover

Creating climate positive brands in a matter of days

88% of consumers want brands to help them be more environmentally friendly, but at trace we know it’s easier said than done.

🌧️ Not sure how to measure the carbon footprint of your business?

🌧️ Can’t afford to hire a consultancy to do a ‘lifecycle assessment'?

🌧️ Struggling to communicate your sustainability credentials?

With trace, you can become a climate positive brand in a matter of days!

☀️ We estimate your footprint using readily available data and assumptions

☀️ We choose amazing climate friendly projects for you

☀️ We provide customised marketing packages to share your positive impact 

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We manufacture our handbags in Europe because that’s where the best leather comes from, but we know that shipping creates emissions. trace calculated the footprint for us and our bags became climate positive in just 24 hours.”

est 2026

Together we can help individuals live sustainable lives

At trace, we believe the only way to solve the climate crisis is to work together, so we’re always on the look out for sustainably-minded companies to collaborate with
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Partner with trace to;

☀️ enable your customer & followers to become carbon neutral

☀️ earn money (or trees) through our affiliate programme

☀️ run bespoke customer engagement campaigns

☀️ reward your customers by planting trees on behalf of your customers to reward the

We are very excited with the latest results from our partnership and are looking forward to seeing how further we can go together.”

Giorgio Baracchi - Founder at Recyclesmart

Why trace?

Purpose driven

We are a purpose driven organisation. We are transparent about our business model, there are no hidden costs.

OUr stories

We bring your impact to life through great storying telling via video, blogs, email and bespoke landing page content.

our projects

We only choose high integrity projects that have a measurable impact.

SImple onboarding

We believe in simplicity and want to make your experience pain free.

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Whoever your customer is we will help you communicate

Via your website with badges
Or via our social channels with announcements & marketing assets

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