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Whether you already have a sustainability policy in place or are about to create one, our research shows that one of the biggest challenges businesses face is making sure your employees feel engaged and connected to your efforts.

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Why Trace?

Employee engagement

Employees can track and share their individual and collective impact on our portal. Set carbon goals and challenges to engage staff. We provide data and creative assets for employee communications

Exceed your goals

Demonstrate genuine commitment to climate action. Be one of the first companies with a carbon positive workforce. Offset more than your scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions

Simple on boarding

No technology integration - manage everything via our web-based member portalWe do the hard work, like calculating your company’s carbon impact. Simple payment structure (monthly or annually)

Genuine impact

Plant 120 trees and remove 21 tonnes of carbon pollution per employee per year onour MEDIUM plan - that’s equivalent to 10 long haul flights!

Choose the projects

Option to select projects that resonate with your brand, employees and customers. At scale we can help you originate your own carbon offset project(s).

Tell your story

Having a carbon neutral workforce is worth shouting about. We will announce your great work through all of our channels.

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"44% of millennials would leave their employer in the next 2 years to gain more meaning and fulfilment"*

We've written a review about why a business should create a carbon neutral workforce. Have a read...

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We are here to help companies do more than just make profit.

Climate change is the top concern for Millennials and Gen Z**. We believe that companies that strive to protect the environment and clearly demonstrate this purpose to their employees will outperform those that don’t.

Many companies have committed to net zero emissions by reducing and then offsetting their remaining scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions, Trace goes one step further - offset your employees!

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*EY 2026 PURPOSE: Can a purpose, beyond profit, really drive results and long-term value?
**According to a recent study by Deloitte