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trace is on a mission to help everyone live a sustainable life, and we’re inviting you to join us! 
By partnering with us, we'll make it easy and rewarding for your employees and customers to reduce and/or offset their carbon footprint and help you spread the word about your positive impact.

Engage your staff

We help you empower your staff to take climate action (and record the impact!!)

Be a climate Positive workforce

We calculate & offset the emissions of your staff

Be a climate positive brand

We calculate & offset the emissions of your supply chain & operations

trace non-negotiables

At trace, we know that going carbon neutral can be complicated, time consuming & expensive. That’s why we created the trace non-negotiables; our commitments to you and every other customer that uses our services


We don’t dilly dally when it comes to protecting our beautiful planet. No lengthy waits for call backs, we can have you climate positive in just 2 days!


Our work becomes so much more effective when we inspire those around us, and it’s the same for you, your employees and customers, even your competitors! That’s why we help bring your impact to life via powerful storytelling in our myriad of communication channels


Saving the planet requires us to move fast. trace recognises that hidden costs and niggly clauses do nothing but slow down progress. That’s why we commit to zero hidden fees and total transparency around any costs.

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UN Sustainable Development goals illustration

The UN Sustainable development goals

At trace we fund projects that not only remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere but also meet the UNSDGs meaning you will have a social and economical impact too.

Our projects

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