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Trace is a digital platform that helps climate conscious individuals and businesses measure, reduce and offset their carbon footprint and track their impact over time.

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We fund handpicked climate projects to offset your carbon footprint

Biodiversity & conservation project in South Australia

Bushland Biodiversity restoration, Australia

Restoring and re-vegetating land with native flora to permanently protect and enhance Australian biodiversity
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4 Hectares of land saved
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Endangered species protected
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200 Hectares protected
Trace member photo - Cailtlin
" A great way to make a difference. Great interface, regular email updates, friendly customer service and reasonable monthly subscription options to make an ongoing difference! Would highly recommend"
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September, 2020
78 trees to absorb the average Australian footprint

What is your carbon footprint?

Try our carbon footprint calculator

The average Aussie emits 1.75 tonnes of CO2 per month. It would take approximately 78 trees to absorb that amount of carbon every month.

We have built a fun and easy quiz that helps you understand what your carbon footprint is and how it is made up.
You'll even get an Aussie animal themed character at the end - I hope you are a Perfect Possum!

Supporting the best in climate action

Gold Standard is a certification body that works to ensure every penny of climate and development funding goes as far as it can.
Eden Projects reduces extreme poverty and restores healthy forests by employing local villagers to plant millions of trees every year.
South Pole powers organisations across the globe looking to compensate their carbon footprint, source clean power, and improve people's lives.

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Fund climate positive projects

Your funding directly impacts atmospheric CO2 levels

Mount Sandy Conservation, Australia
Mount Sandy Conservation, Australia
Indigenous land restoration in Australia using native methods
UN Sustainable Development Goals
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Sustainable savanna burning on Tiwi Islands, Australia
Sustainable savanna burning on Tiwi Islands, Australia
Empowering traditional land owners to manage fire risk boosting the native biodiversity of the Tiwi Islands.
UN Sustainable Development Goals
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Clean Water Supply, Rwanda
Clean Water Supply, Rwanda
Providing clean drinking water to Rwandan communities
UN Sustainable Development Goals
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How does trace work?

Your funding directly reduces CO2 levels

Grow your own forest
Plant at least 60 trees a year & watch your forest grow
Reduce CO2 pollution
Offset your footprint by funding the highest standard climate projects
Track your impact
Grow your impact and learn how to minimise your footprint
82.5% of your funds goes directly to the projects
Offset your carbon footprint & have a positive impact for the price of a coffee per week
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Tonnes of CO2


Long haul flights offset
Sydney to Dubai return


Offset packages & gifts

Just been on a long flight? Hosted a big party? Don’t fret we can help you offset the emissions from any activity. We've done the maths for you and created some popular offset products.

Inside flight

A long haul flight $25

Offset a 14 hour flight like Sydney to Dubai return (1.5 tonnes CO2).

Plane window

A short haul flight $2.50

Offset a 1.5-2 hour flight like Sydney to Melbourne return (0.14 tonnes CO2)

Wedding party

A big party $255

For a big party of over 100 guests (approximately 15 tonnes CO2)

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Trace customer - Fergus
" Fantastic idea - easy to use, tons of information and above all a great and easy way to do your bit for the environment! I've already recommended Trace to a number of people and will continue to do so."
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November, 2020
Track your impact screen

Track your impact

Offset your emissions and see your impact grow

We visualise your impact on your own personal impact url & provide you with stories from the projects you are funding all over the world. Read more about the projects we fund.