Offset your carbon footprint

Why is this important?

It is near-impossible to achieve carbon neutrality in today’s world because of how embedded greenhouse gas emitting activities are in our global economy. As an individual, you can reduce your carbon footprint significantly by making small changes to your lifestyle over time, but you will still have a remaining carbon footprint. We know the changes required to lower your carbon footprint can take time, but unfortunately, solving the climate crisis is a matter of urgency. This is why we use carbon offsetting - to offset the unavoidable emissions we produce today, not tomorrow, and take immediate climate action. 

And offsetting does more than just ‘neutralise’ your carbon footprint - the projects that create carbon credits have a range of additional benefits that support UN Sustainable Development Goals - like providing safe clean water or education, supporting and creating local jobs and improving air quality and health outcomes.

Benefits of taking action

  • Take immediate climate action
  • Track the tangible impact you’re having - tonnes of CO2 offset, trees planted, and project benefits
  • Incentivise reducing your carbon footprint

Steps & actions you can take


Use the trace carbon footprint calculator to find out what your annual carbon footprint is - it will take you less than 5 minutes!

Learn about carbon offsetting

  1. Read this article: What is carbon offsetting?
  2. Explore the different types of carbon offset projects trace funds as part of our handpicked portfolio.
  3. Learn about what we look for when we choose carbon credits.

Offset your footprint

Pick a trace subscription plan based on your calculator results, lifestyle and carbon reduction goals.

Share your achievement!

You amplify your impact by sharing what you're doing to reduce and offset your carbon footprint with family and friends. If you need help answering common questions, we've collated the ones we hear most in our FAQs.

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