How to travel greener

Why is this important?

Transport contributes the greatest share of greenhouse gas emissions of any sector globally. Why? Because the energy required to power our planes, cars, trucks and public transport largely depends on burning fossil fuels and much of our modern way of living revolves around travelling - be it for work, leisure or basic necessity. But because travel is such a big part of our everyday lives, it is one of the areas you can make the most significant positive change to your carbon footprint by making relatively small changes that have a cumulative impact.

Benefits of taking action

  • Enjoy the health benefits (physical and psychological) of walking or cycling more
  • Save money on fuel, insurance, tolls and fares
  • Explore more of what’s in your neighbourhood and feel more connected to your local community

Steps & actions you can take

Make a plan

  1. Think about your normal week of travel - including driving and public transport - and consider which trips you could switch to walking or cycling.
  2. Allow the extra time you might need to walk or cycle in your diary.

Track your progress

  1. Count your steps (with your phone/ smart watch) - this can be a really motivating way to show just how many more steps you’re getting into the day compared to before you started your pledge.
  2. Keep an eye on the odometer - keep a note of how far you’re driving in an average month and see if you can reduce the distance travelled over time. This will not only be good for the environment, but save you money on fuel and mean you need to head to the mechanic less often!
  3. Start or join a challenge - if you’re a competitive-type you might find it motivating to join a ‘challenge’ with friends, family or colleagues to see who can walk the most steps in a week.

Enjoy the journey

Combining your new travel habits with other activities you enjoy, will turn your changes into habits for life. 

  1. Start listening to audiobooks or podcasts while you walk - see how many you can get through in a week or month, just by listening while you commute.
  2. Organise to include the travelling into your catch-ups with friends - see if you can shorten the distance you need to drive by replacing some of the trip with walking or cycling, and the bonus is you get more time to spend together!

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