Make your energy usage greener

Why is this important?

The energy we use is one of the biggest contributors to our personal carbon footprint, and it’s also one of the most direct ways to reduce your negative impact on the environment. Our over-reliance on fossil fuels to create the energy that helps us produce goods, run transport systems, heat our homes and cook our food, is the major driver of climate change. Because energy is required in almost every daily activity, any associated carbon emissions created by how that energy was created, are embedded into those activities. It’s also important to note that no matter where energy is created and sourced from, using it efficiently is still important to ensure the stability and sustainability of the energy system. The easiest place to start reducing your energy consumption and switching to clean, renewable energy sources is at home!

Benefits of taking action

  • Fund energy with no greenhouse gas emissions and support the renewable energy sector
  • Reduce your energy bills & save money
  • Reduce your own carbon footprint as well as the carbon footprint of anyone else in your household

Steps & actions you can take

Switch to renewable energy

  1. Research & compare providers. Make sure you understand the difference between 'renewable energy' and 'carbon neutral' energy providers. Here's an article to guide you if you live in Australia.
  2. Make the switch! Set aside 15 minutes in your calendar and just do it.
  3. Consider installing renewable energy tech in your home if you can - e.g. solar panels/ battery storage.
  4. Monitor your usage. If you have renewable energy tech installed, or an energy retailer app that allows you to monitor your energy usage throughout the day. you can use this to identify any big energy suckers and adjust your usage accordingly.

Reduce your energy usage

  1. Identify & switch off ‘vampire’ appliances (make it a habit to turn off at night/ before going out or unplug until you need to use them).
  2. Improve your home insulation to reduce heating and cooling costs. Invest in affordable furnishings like blinds, under-door breeze blockers and floor rugs.
  3. Switch all your lights to to LED globes.

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