Supporting Climate Change Action in Taiwan

December 2020

What do the experts think...

At trace, we choose projects for both their ability to reduce CO2 from the atmosphere as well as other co-benefits. The wind farms we fund in Taiwan are going above and beyond.

We fund community wind farms in Taiwan as part of our portfolio of carbon credit projects, because it not only provides a clean and sustainable source of energy for the community but also funds scholarships for 50 students at the Tai Tan Elementary School in the Taichung region. 

There are two wind farms which both regularly host visitors and conduct guided tours for tourists, locals, and even school trips! An important part of the local schools curriculum is sustainability, and now thanks to the wind farms, they get to see renewable energy being generated with their own eyes and actively take part in clean up events hosted by the wind farm.

Children at the community beach clean up

In 2019, students from Tai Tan Elementary School participated in a Beach Clean Up Day in partnership with the Taiwan Power Company (TaiPower), the primary energy provider in Taiwan. 

Taichung hosts annual beach clean ups, with both volunteers and employees of TaiPower coming together to preserve their coastlines. Students are becoming increasingly involved which is amazing to see and credit goes to the national school board, Taipower and the wider community for encouraging and funding the activities. Watching communities come together like this is really inspiring.

Community beach clean up

How it all began & other co-benefits including mental health

In 2012, shortly after the completion of the construction of the Taiwanese community wind farms, TaiPower began to fund and host activities in the interest of public benefit. The programs not only focused on beach cleanup days, but also held ‘mind cleanup’ initiatives, to help foster emotional wellbeing. 

Mental health awareness and mobile workshops have since been employed to help over 20,000 primary, secondary and tertiary students across the country as the power company works to meet their social obligations. 

TaiPower has gone above and beyond by funding scholarships and fostering a great ongoing relationship with local schools like Tai Tan Elementary. This not only provides education but possible future employment opportunities and a deeper awareness of sustainable living within the community.  

Find out more about these wellbeing initiatives here!

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