10 Financial Services Companies Leading the Way Toward Net-Zero in Australia

May 2023

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Many businesses in the financial services sector are shifting to more sustainable business practices. From banks to fin-tech startups, we’ve highlighted 10 companies actively working towards greener futures, showing how finance and environmental responsibility can exist together. 

Keep reading to explore their innovative strategies, eco-friendly initiatives, and efforts to reduce and manage their business emissions

1. Fox and Hare

Fox and Hare are offering advice services in budgeting, investing, superannuation, tax, debt and retirement, but they don’t believe building wealth should cost the Earth. 

Proudly, B-Corp certified, Fox and Hare’s ESG underpin everything that they do, from ethical investing to environment and social stewardship. They have been carbon neutral for 2 years and have committed to reach 50% of all funds under management to be ethically invested by 2023! Right now, they’re also working closely with HalfCut to fight Australia’s deforestation crisis in the Daintree rainforest. 

2. Inovayt

Inovayt is a financial planning and advisory firm specialising in wealth creation, providing expert advice to make your decisions easier, empower you, help you achieve your goals, and save your time in a way that is simple for you.

Not only are Inovayt carbon neutral certified, they are also investing in other carbon reduction and reforestation projects! At Inovayt, they are always looking for ways to give back to the community and do their part to protect the environment. 

3. Wisr

Wisr is helping their customers make smart financial decisions and bring financial wellness to all Australians through responsible personal loans and credit management. 

Wisr is actively participating in initiatives that support sustainability and community betterment - and one of these is being carbon neutral. Wisr also offers Green Loans, encouraging you to put the environment first for competitive interest rates that can be used on solar panels, hybrid cars, solar hot water systems, solar batteries, and more - helping their customers lower their footprint too!

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4. First Option Bank

First Option Bank is a 100% member-owned financial institution providing a range of products and services to make customers' lives easier, from loans to banking. 

First Option Bank wants to make it easier for their customers to get involved in environmental action. Their environment rewards program makes it easy for customers to contribute to sustainable projects, by spending money using one of their card types, 0.25% of what is spent is donated to partner projects monthly. First Option Bank has also been carbon neutral since 2021!

5. Arteva Funding

Arteva Funding is helping businesses and clients achieve their goals through business loans, insurance and fee funding while talking about sustainability along the way.

Arteva Funding proudly shares their ESG commitments and on top of becoming carbon neutral, they’re showing us the value in the easy wins like donating old technology, digitising their promo materials, and choosing to be virtual where they can!

6. Allied Credit

Allied Credit are providing the finance power behind several iconic Australian and International automotive brands and have recently started their sustainability journey. 

They have been carbon neutral since November 2022 and are committed to measuring and comparing the carbon footprint each year to understand their impact on the environment, the planet, and people. 

7. Community Broker Network 

CBN is Australia’s largest general insurance authorised broker network and are committed to their ESGs in every part of their operation. 

They are committed to reducing and understanding their carbon footprint and environmental impact through becoming carbon neutral, responsible procurement, and responsible business travel!

8. Via Financial Group

ViaFG are a financial group specialising in financial advice, wealth management, and personal and business insurance for individuals, families, and businesses - helping more people secure their financial future. 

ViaFG are proudly B-corp certified and recently committed to measuring their carbon footprint for the second year in a row! They are also helping their clients work towards sustainable futures by offering opportunities to invest in sustainable projects.

9. InDebted

InDebted are helping people resolve debt with ease to get your finances back on track for your future!

They have been engaging their staff on the fight for climate and how their employees can have an impact, expanding their recycling opportunities, reviewing their ESGs, and offsetting their footprint to become carbon neutral in 2022.

10. RelayPay

RelayPay are creating global cryptocurrency spending solutions in over 40 countries with over 20 currencies supported and have been committed to being carbon neutral for two years!

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