Dora Geothermal Plant - Turkey

This geothermal power plant generates clean, emission-free energy using heat from deep under the ground in order to reduce Turkey’s reliance on imported fossil fuels.

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40058T CO2e removed
70,000 MWh energy per year
190 jobs created
1 school funded

Community & Location

This project is located in the South West of Turkey in the Aydin Province. Fun Fact: Aydın is Turkey's leading producer of fresh and dried figs and is the largest global exporter.

Project snapshot

Turkey's energy supply is predominantly sourced from fossil fuels which has seen emissions soar since the 1990s. However, the country has 17 geothermal sites, some of which cannot run without carbon offset financing - Dora II is one of them. In 2016, only 1.76% of Turkey’s energy mix was geothermal but it is estimated that greater use of geothermal capabilities could reduce emissions and protect Turkey’s national energy security.

Why we fund this project

This project has long term energy, social and economic impact. In fact, within the next 20 years, Dora-II will mitigate 280,406 tonnes of CO2. This project will enhance the geothermal industry in Turkey, create more jobs for local workers and improve grid stability and infrastructure. We particularly love this project as it also supports a regional school by funding the construction of a new building and supplies.

“I am writing this letter in regards to Geothermal Power Production Company's donation to our nursery school. I would like to thank your company on behalf of the my institution for the build of the nursery building (68m2 , 2 we and wash-hand basin) and making it ready for education”

- Erdinc Güner, School Manager, Salavath Town, Sultanhisar, Aydin, Turkey.

How does this project help?

The Dora II geothermal site reduces greenhouse gas emission and provides long term employment for the surrounding communities. Generating geothermal energy in Turkey encourages regional sustainable development by reducing reliance on imported fossil fuels and reducing emissions.

Who else is behind this project?

We’ve partnered with South Pole, a team of seasoned experts and absolute legends in climate change and the leading developer of international emission reduction projects.

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📷 Photos courtesy of South Pole.