Trace becomes a Certified B Corporation: A Step Forward in Sustainability

March 2024

What do the experts think...

We're excited to announce a pivotal moment in Trace's journey towards sustainability: we are now officially a Certified B Corporation!

This significant achievement underlines our unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship and social responsibility. As a Certified B Corporation, or B Corp, we join a global community of businesses committed to using our platform for positive change.

At Trace, we've always recognized the critical role of accountability in reducing carbon emissions. Our mission is clear: to help every company reach Net Zero. Now, as a B Corp, we're not just talking the talk; we're leading our clients and partners towards a greener and more equitable world.

And what better time to make this announcement than during B Corp Month?

We are proud to have score well above average across all 5 categories

How did we do it? Here’s a snapshot:

Environment: we measure our emissions annually and have set targets for reduction; we are very comprehensive and measure emissions across our premises, supply chain and staff working from home.

Workers: all global staff are paid fairly, with no gender pay gap and we have policies in place to prevent an bias in the recruitment process.

Governance: we review impact metrics regularly in board and management meetings - this is core to who we are and how we run the business.

Community: our supplier policy ensures we choose suppliers with similar values and principles to us where possible.

Customers: we are engaging with our customers and monitoring satisfaction and support.

For our full breakdown published by B Corp, follow this link:

Start your net zero journey today

trace can help your business take the first step on the sustainability journey. We make measuring, managing & reducing your emissions straightforward & engaging

What it Means for Us and Our Team

The process of becoming B Corp certified provided us with a valuable opportunity to reconnect with our 'why' and reaffirm the importance of building a business that prioritises people and the planet.

But this achievement isn't just important to our mission; it's also vital to our team members. Nihar Vasa, our Head of Customer Success, shares, "working at a B Corp certified company means there is an incentive to make more balanced and holistic decisions (strategic and day-to-day) to ensure our impact leaves a positive mark on the world. I get to align my values with my work."

For Ben Hanley, our Head of Product, it means going "to work every day building a world where sustainability is valued in partnership with profit."

Interested in becoming B Corp certified yourself?

Becoming a B Corp involves a comprehensive assessment process conducted by B Lab. This assessment evaluates a company's performance across five key impact areas: governance, workers, community, environment, and customers. Companies must score a minimum number of points to achieve certification, demonstrating their commitment to sustainable and ethical business practices.

Managing your organisation's carbon emissions will now be a vital part of the certification process. If you haven't already measured your carbon footprint, now is the time to do so.At Trace, we're here to help you measure your emissions, set targets, and unlock the power of your workforce to reach net zero. Our simple platform makes it easy to map, track, and decarbonise your business. Together, let's #BTheChange and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

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