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December 2023

What do the experts think...

We are officially launching our new and improved Carbon Management Report (CMR). Hey there, Ben here, I lead our Product team here at Trace and I wanted to give you the rundown on why we’re building the tools to help you tell credible and transparent stories about sustainability. 

One question we're asked on a daily basis is 'how can I communicate impact without risk of greenwashing?' With the ACCC’s continued focus on evidence-based claims, and their accelerated mission to eradicate misleading and deceptive messaging on environmental impact - businesses are more nervous than ever before. Unfortunately, this regulatory shift has led to greenhushing: businesses who are taking steps to be greener, cleaner and meaner (no, not really meaner) are more likely to stay quiet about their good work for fear of reprisal.  

Here at Trace, we want businesses to know that the answer to credible communication is simple: be transparent and back up your claims with data. That's why we've built our CMR, to help you communicate your climate goals, progress to date and plans for the future in a way that your stakeholders will love. How do we know this is the right solution? We've tested this report with consumers, business owners, investors.... and they all love it!

💅"CMR sounds fancy, is it a marketing tool?"

Credibly communicating your carbon management progress is not just a marketing exercise, it's also a risk management, corporate communications, revenue retention and employee engagement exercise. Our CMR will help you deliver data-driven, credible communications to your most important stakeholders: employees, customers, prospects, investors, regulators & board.

That being said, we certainly haven’t shied away from good aesthetics. We know that storytelling requires colourful, clear and engaging tools - so you’ll find a lot of our personality scattered throughout this very serious (but beautiful) report.

A snapshot of our very own Carbon Management Report for Trace

Start your net zero journey today

trace can help your business take the first step on the sustainability journey. We make measuring, managing & reducing your emissions straightforward & engaging

🏋️"To that end, CMR does sound serious… we’re talking about the ACCC here! What are the benefits?"

I can keep it brief, because the benefits are simple:

  • Build your sustainability credentials without the fear of greenwashing
  • Recruit and retain your employees by making them feel proud of the work you’re doing
  • Proactive preparation for government tenders and corporate contracts that require credible carbon reporting

✅"Sign me up, what's next?"

Our CMR can be added to your Trace plan at any time! We add the report to our customer’s plan because it needs to be powered by data that we’ve helped you to collect, map and verify. Want to learn more? Click here.

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