Safe Community Water Supply - Rwanda

Restores and repairs existing boreholes to provide clean drinking water to Rwandan communities, removing the need to collect and burn wood to boil water for purification.

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125000T CO2e removed
68000 people helped
50 million litres of water
85000 T CO2e from reforestation

Community & Location

This project is located in one of Africa's smallest countries - Rwanda. Rwanda is land-locked and so experiences extremely high temperatures. The population is young and predominantly rural with a density among the highest in Africa.

Project snapshot

Many communities in Rwanda have to travel long distances to collect water, which is often unsafe to drink. For clean water, families must spend time searching for firewood, which they burn in order to purify their water supply. Burning wood to purify the water is often done indoors, meaning that women and children are predominantly the ones exposed to smoke inhalation. This often causes long term respiratory illnesses. This process is hugely time consuming and tiring so the community often resort to drinking unclean water, leading to health issues, poor hygiene and unsatisfactory sanitation

Whilst boreholes offer a favourable alternative, they can be difficult for communities to maintain in the long term. This project ensures the boreholes are fitted and maintained so the community has ongoing and efficient access to clean water.

Why we fund this project

Water is a basic necessity for human life. This project not only helps the community access clean water easily and efficiently but also brings a wealth of other benefits. Families no longer have to search for firewood and purify their water, women and children are no longer  exposed to indoor smoke inhalation and time is freed for other activities such as education. Over 50 million litres of clean water has benefitted over 68 000 people so far. 

How does this project help?

This project eliminates the need to boil water for purification. This is achieved through the restoration and ongoing maintenance of existing boreholes which provide clean drinking water to these communities.

Each borehole can be operated with a simple hand pump to collect water and each measure up to 100 metres deep.

Who else is behind this project?

We’ve partnered with South Pole, a team of seasoned experts and absolute legends in climate change  and  the leading developer of international emission reduction projects. 

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