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Scott Forrester is the CEO of We Discover - the first company in Australia to partner with trace to create a carbon neutral workforce!

"This is an amazing & honourable decision and we are so proud that Scott chose trace to help them on this journey." - Joanna co-founder of trace.

We Discover is an incredible customer research and digital product agency - they believe in the endless pursuit of meaningful experiences for products and new ventures. We love the company's tagline "Make a difference and have fun doing it" - this is so aligned to Trace's mission too. We are making it easy for individuals to take climate action and feel good about it.

Our co-founder and CPO Joanna interviewed Scott to understand more about their journey and why this was important to his company.

What does your company do?

We offer a range of services mainly focused on innovating digital businesses and products.

Why is the environment important to you?

We need to protect our most valued asset - our planet. Without it we have nothing.


Want to start your journey to net zero?

Join our community of climate-conscious business leaders and take responsibility for your carbon footprint with trace today.

What inspired you to have a carbon neutral workforce?

We've naturally built a culture at We Discover which is focused on respecting our planet and making a positive change to our environment. Partnering with organisations like trace means that we can execute on these values and be able to monitor the contribution that we are making to create a more sustainable future.

How did your staff react to being carbon neutral?

Very positive feedback by everyone, the whole team loves it. The trace founders are coming in to do a lunch and learn session with the crew which is great for continued engagement too.

We Discover has a relaxed and fun culture

What else do you do as a business to help the environment & contribute to a more sustainable future?

We have plants everywhere, we use less paper, we use LED lighting and we don’t use disposable cups or plates. We are careful with small things like turning off lights and power points whenever we can.

If you could give other business leaders/owners one tip to be more environmentally friendly what would it be?

Talk to your staff and bring them along the journey. Listen to them and allow them to help you define your company's strategy and plan to be carbon neutral.

It is amazing to see companies like We Discover taking that extra step to give back to the environment. If you would like to understand how we can help your business just email us on hello@our-trace.com.

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