For a small family, frequent fliers or those who want to go above and beyond.
Offset 19 tCO2 and plant 19 trees per year
✔ Fund climate positive projects around the world
Receive regular project updates
✔ Track and share your impact on your personal impact page
1 tonne of CO2e would fill 17 shipping containers with pollution! This helps visualise the difference you will be making.
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tns of CO2 offset per year
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trees planted per year
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Fund climate positive projects

How we calculate the carbon footprint for each plan

Our plans are designed to offset the average carbon emissions per capita in your country, grouped into high (21 tCO2/year), medium (16 tCO2/year) or low (12 tCO2/year). Our benchmarks are based on data from several sources including the UN and World Bank. We prefer to overestimate the average footprint to make sure our members are climate positive! To see which category your country is in, see the FAQs.

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" A great way to make a difference. Great interface, regular email updates, friendly customer service and reasonable monthly subscription options to make an ongoing difference! Would highly recommend"
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September, 2020

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