How to create powerful content: Climate Edition (trace x Are You B2B)

When businesses and individuals talk about their passion for climate action, it creates a positive ripple effect throughout their network.

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In this webinar, we will take you through:

  • Solutions to common barriers to talking about climate on social media
  • Guidance on talking about sustainability & climate action in an authentic, positive way
  • Ideas for content to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability
  • Tips on how to create content that actually reaches people


This webinar will cover tips that are applicable to both businesses and individuals who are passionate about climate action and want to do more to build the credibility of their brand to talk about these issues with confidence.

The session will be 🔥 for:
📱 CMOs and Social Media Managers of companies who want to talk more about sustainability without 'greenwashing'.
📣 Founders & employees wanting to hero their company's climate action creds.
❤️️ Individuals looking to build their personal brand in line with their passion for the environment.


This webinar is a collaboration between Trace and Are You B2B, bringing together experts in sustainability and social media strategy (particularly LinkedIn). Our presenters will be Gemma Clancy, Trace's Marketing Manager and Tharun Sonti, Demand Gen Lead at Are You B2B.

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