When Popology joined Trace in 2021 it was because taking climate action aligned with the founder’s values and they could see that sustainability was becoming important to their customers. Fast forward two years and in 2023 sustainability credentials are now a non negotiable and front and centre in conversations with Popolgy’s customers.

About Popology

Popology is an experiential creative agency, curating and producing online solutions and physical experiences that excite and trend.

Why is Popology committed to being a carbon neutral business?

Events can be wasteful, we wanted to do our best to address this issue. We store and reuse our assets and also work with a lot of recycled materials to stop this cycle along with our carbon footprint measurement and offset to be carbon neutral. 

What sustainability initiatives are you working on? 

We are working on minimising flights, using recycled materials, recycling assets after use and being internally conscious of our office waste. 

What is your customer’s reaction to Popology’s approach to sustainability? 

Our customers love it as they are becoming more aligned with our goals. 

Want to start your journey to net zero?

Join our community of climate-conscious business leaders and take responsibility for your carbon footprint with trace today.

What have you learnt working with Trace? 

That starting is the hard part, from there it becomes exciting and something all of our team are excited about.

What is your advice to other business owners who are at the start of their sustainability journey? 

Do it! It is not as big of a task as you may think and it feels good to be making a difference.

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