Measuring your business' carbon footprint

Measuring your business' carbon footprint is the essential first step in your journey to net-zero - but how does it work, and where do you even start? Register for this online webinar to find out!

Tue 10th May 2022, 12:30 pm - 1:15 pm GMT+10

Recording available

Recording available

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In this completely free webinar, the team at Trace will provide jargon-free explanations of:

  • Why it's important to measure your emissions baseline
  • How greenhouse gas emissions are measured
  • How to prepare your business for measuring its carbon footprint now, and in the future
  • Interpreting an emissions assessment, and what on earth you should do with all the information!


Some expert consultants charge thousands of dollars to companies wanting to understand and implement this process, but we know many businesses who want to make a positive impact simply aren't in the position to make this kind of investment. To reach global net-zero we need everyone armed with the knowledge to take climate action - that's why we've created this FREE webinar for climate-consious business professionals looking for the confidence to play a critical role in this action.

We aren't going to spend 45 minutes selling Trace to you - the primary goal is to educate. Plus, we think actions speak louder than words. With your permission, we will send you information about our platform following the webinar so you can decide if it's right for you and your business.


Professionals who want to start managing their company's carbon footprint, but don't know when to start.

You just want someone to explain the essentials to you so you can get on with the job of making a positive impact.

This session will be particularly relevant to those working in service-based businesses, such as tech companies, agencies and professional services, however, all of the core information will be applicable to businesses of any type.

During this session will also hear from employees of Trace customers who, just like you might be now, weren't experts in carbon accounting when we first met them, but have since led their teams through the process of measuring their emissions and are now guiding them towards net zero.

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