Carbon Offsets

Offset a flight, holiday or even buy an offset gift for a friend.

We've put together carbon offset packages so you can easily reduce your carbon footprint! If you don't see something that suits your needs use one of our calculators or just reach out via our contact form and we will get back to you asap!

For me For a gift

Offset my carbon footprint

Offset 1 Month
Plant 10 trees & remove 1.75 tns CO2e.
Equivalent to 🚗 7000 km  
Cheap and cheerful
Offset 1 year
Plant 120 trees & remove 21 tns CO2e.
Equivalent to 🚗 84,000 km  
12 months for the price of 10 🤑
Be carbon neutral from $15 per month

We offer 3 plans for different lifestyles so you can pick the one that suits you best.
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Monthly plans

A Long haul flight

Offset a 14 hour flight like Sydney to Dubai return (1.5 tonnes CO2).


A short haul flight

Offset a 1.5-2 hour flight like Sydney to Melbourne return (0.14 tonnes CO2)


Join a monthly plan

Subscribe to a monthly plan from just $3.50 a week.


Custom flight calculator

A big party

A big party with over 100 guests would leave a footprint of approximately 15 tonnes of CO2e



Carbon offsets as a gift

Subscription gifts

Gift a friend a carbon offset subscription so they can watch their impact grow over time!

$3.50 per week

Subscribe a friend

Just make sure you use their details not yours


Most popular

The Mini plan - 10.5 tonnes of CO2e & 60 trees per year

$3.50 per week

Subscribe a friend


Gift a carbon neutral month for just $30

Birthday cards & Certificates

Climate positive certificate


Birthday Flyer


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Want to know where your money goes?

We hand pick projects that deliver measurable benefits inline with the UN's sustainable development goals.  Read more about the projects we currently fund here but here is a little snapshot for you.

Myamyn Lowland Conservation - Australia

Two decades ago, sections of Victoria's Annya State Forest were illegally cleared and re-planted with invasive species. This project works to rehabilitate the land by re-vegetating it with native flora and controlling weeds and pest animals like cats and foxes. This in turn protects vulnerable plant and animal communities such as the southern brown bandicoot, powerful owl and long-nosed potoroo species.
Read more

Fancy going carbon neutral?

We are planting 1000's of trees for our members & funding truely amazing climate positive projects around the world. We make it easy and rewarding for you to do your part in mitigating the climate crisis.

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