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Australia’s past summer has been one of the hottest on record. Warming has created undeniable changes to the annual growing cycle of vines, resulting in grapes producing lower acidity and higher sugar levels.


Keith Tulloch’s winery decided to become the first certified carbon neutral winery in the Hunter Valley. This means that the Keith Tulloch winery has net zero emissions and for any emissions they cannot reduce, they are offset by purchasing carbon offsets 

If that wasn’t enough of a reason to pop open a bottle of Keith Tulloch Wine, here’s a few of the incredible sustainability initiatives they have implemented.


1. Program to replant vegetation at the vineyard to rehabilitate local biodiversity. (In 2019 they planted over 500 trees on the property!)

2. Constructing a new 65kw solar array that provides a vast majority of their power.

3. Using only organic fertiliser in the vineyard, recycling chicken manure and avoiding chemical fertiliser.

4. Eliminating single-use plastics by changing to biodegradable or recyclable alternatives.

5. Installing efficient plumbed CO2 lines for wine storage, minimising CO2 waste.


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