Planting trees and funding verified carbon positive projects

Planting trees is a great initiative and way to fight the climate crisis, that is why we plant trees on behalf of all of our members with our trusted partner Eden reforestation.

At Trace we have made the conscious decision to offer trees alongside verified carbon credits for a number of reasons.

  • Trees are hugely powerful in our fight against the climate crisis - whilst they are effective at sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, they do take a long time to mature and have meaningful impact on pollution.
  • It is difficult to quantify the exact carbon sequestered by a tree, which means they do not act as formal 'offsets'. This is where carbon credits come in - we buy credits from verified projects such as biofuel and wind energy projects. One credit = 1 tonne of carbon avoided.
  • We feel very strongly about the socio-economic impacts of the climate crisis. Our goal is to empower endangered communities to live sustainably by providing resources and capabilities that enable cleaner living whilst either reducing effort, cost or creating opportunity for the community in question.

More food for thought

We believe it is important to consider which type of tree is planted and where. We need to build an ecosystem that is self sustaining. Humans constantly cause imbalance to the earth and although they are 'green' this could be in the form of trees.  If we simply plant thousands of a certain species in the wrong environment the wider effects on the animals and other species within the ecosystem are incredibly complex.  We believe this is a huge challenge for organisations like ourselves. Making a meaningful & positive sustainable impact is so important.