How to Build a Carbon Neutral Workforce

As the need to address climate change becomes more urgent, businesses are facing mounting pressure to become carbon neutral and so are turning towards emissions reduction schemes. One of the major problems that organisations are dealing with in their sustainability plans (current or future) is that employees are disconnected from the process - that’s where we come in. At Trace, we’ve come up with one of the most effective, engaging ways to achieve carbon neutrality for your workforce - carbon offsetting your employees.

What is carbon offsetting?

A carbon offset (or carbon credit) is generated from an activity that prevents, reduces or removes greenhouse gas emissions from being released into the atmosphere to compensate for emissions occurring elsewhere. For every tonne of CO2 emitted, one carbon credit is purchased. What people don’t often know is that the carbon credit funds meaningful and impactful social projects, helping to support sustainable development and improve the lives of communities in some of the poorest countries in the world

How does Trace work?

We want to make it easy for you to do the right thing for the planet, so we keep things simple - for the price of a coffee per week per employee, Trace can offset every individual's carbon footprint. Each employee is added to Trace as a member, simply by providing an email address, no messy on-boarding or integration required! 

Our projects deliver measurable benefits aligned to the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. You can even have the option to select ones that resonate with your business and employees, like the Myamyn Lowland Forest Conservation project that protects the natural habitat of Australia’s vulnerable wildlife, or Safe Community Water Supply which helps increase access to safe water sources for communities in Rwanda. By choosing to offset with Trace, on top of having a positive environmental impact you get the added value of being socially responsible.

Why should my business have a carbon neutral workforce?

For people and the planet

Going carbon neutral can deliver a range of social and economic benefits but at the root it is an environmental gesture. In 2018, scientists upped the ante on climate action and defined a very small window in which to act to prevent the most catastrophic impacts of climate change,  stating that to protect the planet and sustain our livelihoods, we need to reach net-zero global emissions by 2050. Even with the most determined efforts to cut emissions at the source, businesses are still falling short of their net-zero goals. If you want to achieve climate neutrality, offsetting the carbon emissions you can’t reduce is currently the only way to do that. 

And the added social development aspect means that your dollar could be supporting a tree planting project that provides an income to families, or go towards a renewable energy project helping to build vital infrastructure in a developing country - wins all around!

Employee engagement

Our research shows that one of the biggest challenges businesses face is making sure your employees feel engaged and connected to your efforts. Climate change is actually the top concern for Millennials and Gen Z and so we believe that companies that strive to protect the environment and clearly demonstrate this purpose to their employees will outperform those that don’t - that’s where we can help.

We’ve come up with a way for employees to feel more connected to your sustainability mission. Most companies have committed to net zero emissions by setting goals to reduce and then offset their remaining carbon emissions, Trace goes one step further - offsetting your employees! Any staff member can log onto the web-based member portal and track and share their impact (on our medium plan, you can plant 120 trees and remove 21 tonnes of carbon pollution per employee per year - that’s equivalent to 10 long haul flights!). We’ve found that when employees can identify their impact, they feel more connected to the cause.

Drive change

At Trace, we want to help companies do more than just make profit. We understand that for businesses facing a plethora of their own challenges, there may be concerns about the costs of such a commitment. However the experience of many of the world’s leading companies (including Amazon, Microsoft and Adidas) is that tackling climate change helps to improve efficiency, retains investors, and positively impacts reputation as a business and an employer. Be one of the first companies with a carbon positive workforce and become a leader in the global goal to achieve net zero emissions today. Email us on to sign up your workforce today.