Here are 6 top tips to make sure you go back on campus happier, healthier & greener! Sustainable tips for everyone.

Ok, so 2020 hasn't been the best year for uni students. Long gone are the days of sitting in the library cramming for finals, or strolling through campus looking for a coffee. But as 2021 creeps up on us, Australia is set to reopen doors to lecture theatres, libraries and classrooms. 

As more and more universities across the world are pushing for greener campuses, here are some helpful tips if you're able to get back to normal uni life while being more eco-friendly. 

1/ Use your keep cups.

A no brainer, really. We know how stressful mid-semesters and finals can be, and by now, we've all got some type of reusable coffee cup. Added bonus: most vendors offer discounts or promos if you do use a reusable cup. A win-win scenario! 

2/ Drive less; it's cheaper & more sustainable to take the bus or train.

Especially if you're going to a campus in a CBD, make use of public transport. Bypass the $13/hr parking fees and the stress of city driving. Hop on a train, tram or bus and get to uni faster. Don’t forget your mask and hand sanitizer! 

3/ Rethink your schedule.

With online learning a new normal, try to plan your semester in a way that minimises the amount of times you have to be on campus. Try a mix of online classes and face-to-face classes, or try compact your schedule so that you're only there a couple times a week. (Pssst, it’ll save you the extra travel costs too)

4/ Unplug when necessary.

Got enough juice on your laptop for now? Unplug the charger! 

5/ Utilise natural light.

Not only will naturally lit study spaces be easier on the eyes when you need to look away from your screen, but they'll help lower your energy consumption too. 

6/ Keep a regular and healthy sleep schedule.

Try be more productive throughout the day so you don't have your lights and chargers on throughout the night.