Last night we were so proud to attend the 1MW #loveearth event. Here are my takeaways;

Individuals are powerful

Natalie Isaacs; the amazing, empowering & inspirational founder told us how she found her voice;

“I reduced my household electricity consumption by 20% and that made me realise I was powerful! I realised that if millions of us do the same we could make change happen.
I became empowered & I found my voice”

Sometimes it is hard to believe that as individuals we are making a difference and this gives me confidence that we are. 1MW has over 900,000 members, together we are so powerful.

Don’t shy away

When we feel like we don’t understand a topic deeply, we shy away. This is true for so many of us and it is very real with the climate crisis. 

“You don’t want to seem silly, so you do nothing”

Remember that even the most knowledgeable people were at the beginning of their journey once. 

Top things that we can do during lock down for the environment

  1. Use everything in the cupboard and don’t waste anything. I don’t care how limp that carrot is, you can make a soup. Challenge yourself to make a meal from what might appear to be an empty fridge and you will surprise yourself. 
  2. Look at your lightbulbs, make sure you have energy efficient bulbs
  3. Be kind to ourselves. That is all.
  4. Check who you bank with and where your super is - switch to providers that don’t invest in fossil fuels, this is one of the most powerful messages we can send.
  5. Research your local politician - do they support renewable energy?

Communicating about climate change

Quite a few of the audience expressed that they have found it hard to encourage others to do the right thing by the environment. Natalie had some great tips on how to make sure you are communicating effectively.

  • Don’t make people feel bad about their actions
  • Don’t waste your time with the dinosaurs who will never change their mind
  • Help people who are on their way come a little further, small steps.

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