We went to fireside talk and felt totally inspired

Here are my takeaways from a fireside talk by Christiana Figueres - The Future We Choose.

You must be able to imagine something for it to ever be true.

The introduction to the talk was this video. I was wow-ed.

Can you imagine a world without the climate crisis? If you can't imagine it then it won't happen. Everything has to be imagined first.

This quote really stuck with me. I found it incredibly empowering. I would strongly recommend watching the video.

There are two buckets of paralysis preventing us accelerating the climate crisis

1. Indifference- this one is more obvious but number 2 surprised me.

2. Empathic/sensitive connection - we might care A LOT but it is also paralysing. Caring doesn't mean you are more effective at actioning.

We need to inject optimism

Being optimistic as a strategy and an input to a challenge. It's a mindset that we have to tackle big problems with. This isn't naive but optimistic.

Because I understand it, I want to change it

Humans have a radical regeneration capacity - it's a spirit we all have but don't use it very often. For example most of us have had to grieve at some point in our lives. This takes energy, it is horrible but necessary. Then we begin to recover and come back to our lives. We don't forget but we regenerate. We need to extend our regenerative capacity to nature.