Whether it’s cocktail o’clock or you’re just trying to wind down after a long week, we’ve got you covered with this list of sustainable alcoholic drinks and companies to help you drink greener (and we don’t mean Midori!)

With the days getting longer, the weather getting warmer and the holiday season looming, us Aussies know to unwind when the clock strikes 5pm on a Friday. While it can’t hurt to relax with a drink, we can do so in ways that can help save our planet. Distillation, waste management and packaging are the main areas in which these manufacturers aim to move to greener operations. We have covered 4 example products across 4 different drinks so hopefully we have got you covered whatever your drink of choice is.

Beer drinkers - Corona’s Biodegradable Packaging

Launched for trial in early 2019, Corona has ditched the plastic six-pack beer rings in the fight against single use waste. Their new packaging is plant-based and biodegradable. The change is precautionary and Corona still promotes conventional recycling methods when disposing of their rings, but if in the case the rings find themselves in the ocean, they won't harm the ecosystems.

Tequila, tequila - Organic Tequila by 4 Copas

More and more manufacturers are making the move towards greener ingredients, which is exactly what 4 Copas have done with their tequila. They are the makers of the world’s first organic tequila, which is also sustainably produced with no chemical accelerants and through natural fermentation, without compromising on flavour. They also use organic agave, which is much more financially costly to produce, but bears greater benefits to the earth as opposed to non-organic agave. On top of this, they support the Sea Turtle Restoration Project, which works to protect turtles and their habitats.

Did someone say Vodka!? Absolut’s carbon neutral distillation

At trace, we invest in sustainable projects, such as planting trees & renewable wind energy, to offset carbon emissions. Vodka manufacturer Absolut, is doing just that, achieving carbon neutral distillation by planting trees in Mexico. On top of this, their entire production plant (yes, they operate out of just one manufacturing facility) is powered through sustainable means, including solar, wind and water energy in favour of fossil fuels. 

Pass me the wine - buying local in Australia's vineyard

When shopping, we often forget that the further away from us a product is made, the more financial and economic costs go into getting the good to the final consumer. Here in Australia, we are blessed with local lush vineyards, so take a pick from a Hunter or Barossa Valley-produced wine and cut on all the extra import costs. Or pick up a bottle from the Keith Tulloch wine collection; it’s carbon neutral!

Enjoy your drinks people, oh and always drink responsibly ;)