Biodiversity is crucial for any ecosystem to thrive but it is hard to know as an individual what you can do to help.

We have compiled a guide for individuals to lead a life that promotes biodiversity conservation.

1 / Education 

Education is key! As public awareness increases people become more involved, may change their individual behaviours and eventually influence their government representative, pushing for more environmental protection.   

2/ Sustainable Living 

Sustainable living is something that we can each choose to do on a daily basis. Whether it be by taking shorter showers, riding a bike to work or switching to sustainable energy sources, it helps reduce the amount of resources we use.  

Avoid, reduce, reuse!

Understanding your carbon footprint is the first step, then you can make some simple changes to reduce your footprint. We have some great guides to get you started; reducing your waste, your plastic, your overall footprint & some seasonals tips.


3/ Reducing the number of invasive species 

We have all seen the commercial on a flight - practice precaution when returning from overseas! Ensuring that you do not bring products that could harbour invasive species into the country is really important. Foreign species can upset the native biodiversity. 



 4/ Funding habitat Restoration

Investing in projects like the Myamyn Project which aims to protect the Annya forest and rehabilitate the biodiversity of the region is really impactful. For every Australian Biodiversity Unit purchased 1.5 m2 of government-accredited land is protected! The Annya Forest which hosts the Myamyn Project was illegally deforested and re-vegetated with invasive species. This exploitation of the area had a detrimental impact on the biodiversity of the region, leaving many species in danger of extinction. If you are able and interested, trace offers a range of subscription plan to suit your lifestyle or budget that fund a wide range of climate positive projects including biodiversity in South Australia. 


Myamyn Lowland Conservation area

 5/ Help mitigate the climate crisis 

trace is dedicated to reducing an individual's carbon footprint. It is important we try our best to reduce our footprint and avoid unnecessary carbon emissions, unfortunately even if we do everything we can we still have a footprint. By purchasing a package from trace you are bringing your footprint to net zero or even carbon negative! 

Your money is reinvested into carbon positive projects across the world. For every tonne you offset with us, rest assured we will purchase one credit for you. By doing your part and offsetting your carbon footprint the world is one step closer to carbon neutrality. 

Browse our projects or see our plans here.


6/ Purchase Sustainable Products 

Many products are have eco-labels which help you understand if the product is environmentally friendly. Below are just some of the eco-labels in Australia that are fighting for biodiversity.

Our consumption of natural resources is one of the main reasons for biodiversity loss, so it is our responsibility to consume products that are produced in the most sustainable way possible.

When we consume these goods it increases demand for environmentally conscious products pushing more producers to make them.

We hope you enjoyed the read!