It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for climate action!

Earlier this year, trace teamed up with The Sparkke Change Beverage Company to create their climate positive products (‘Carbon Zero' beer!), but did you know, trace helps individuals go carbon neutral too?

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Now trace and Sparkke have come together again to bring you climate-positive gifts to help you and your loved ones practise conscious consumption this holiday season!

One code, two offers

Promo code: CARBON-ZERO-22

When purchasing any trace subscription on our website here, in the month of Decemberget one month of being climate positive on us! 

When purchasing any Carbon Zero beer on Sparkke’s website here, they will double the amount of carbon they offset with trace. That’s every single beer - a 4-pack or a whole case.

The why

The silly season is when we all let loose a little and celebrate the year that was with food that makes leftovers for days, a few too many drinks and gifts that we may or may not have asked Santa for… And this year, after almost two years of lockdowns and restrictions on seeing family and friends, it’s sure to be one of the biggest holiday seasons yet.

But, what’s also happened over the last two years? The climate crisis has become even more urgent and we (governments, corporations and individuals) need to take immediate action to have a shot at limiting global warming to below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

So that’s why the trace and Sparkke teams are more passionate than ever about helping you celebrate this year with your loved ones (because we all deserve it!), but in a way that’s climate-conscious and positive for our planet.

Behind our partnership

trace and Sparkke have been working together since June 2021 to help make Sparkke’s new range of Carbon Zero beers a reality. Trace measured the associated emissions of their Carbon Zero Hero IPA and Carbon Zero Pale Ale, so they could understand where they could potentially avoid or reduce their carbon emissions, and then helped them offset the unavoidable emissions via trace’s portfolio of certified climate projects.

Check out Sparkke’s Climate Impact page here.

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What does trace do?

Trace reduces the barriers to climate action by helping businesses and individuals understand their carbon footprint, and become carbon neutral with our accessible tech-tools. We can measure your carbon footprint (for FREE!), help you understand how to decarbonise, and then offset any remaining emissions via our portfolio of handpicked, certified climate projects. 

Find out more about how your business can become Climate Positive here.

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