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Last updated 04/09/20


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It's your forest


Trees planted
As well as buying carbon credits, we plants trees on behalf of our members.
Why? Because trees are amazing and incredibly effective at sequestering carbon dioxide! But because every tree is different, it's difficult to accurately predict how much CO2 they remove each year and therefore we can't guarantee how much carbon they offset. So really your forest is a bonus offset - roughly 1 tCO2 is sequestered each year for every 4 mangroves.

The projects you are funding

384,952,268 Trees planted (and counting)

Eden Reforestation

Eden Reforestation projects is one of the largest reforestation organisations in the world harnessing local communities to replant forests.
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328,000+ tCO2e reduced per year

Changbin and Taichung Wind - Taiwan

Harnessing coastal winds to generate clean wind energy which powers Taiwanese homes and helps to expand Taiwan’s renewable energy industry, minimising reliance on fossil fuels.
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4 Hectares of land saved

Myamyn Lowland Conservation - Australia

Restoring and re-vegetating land with native flora to permanently protect and enhance Australian biodiversity
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40058T CO2e removed

Dora Geothermal Plant - Turkey

This geothermal power plant generates clean, emission-free energy using heat from deep under the ground in order to reduce Turkey’s reliance on imported fossil fuels.
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The Trace Community impact

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Tonnes of CO2e offset


Trees planted

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